About Us

Welcome Aboard Manta Air

At Manta Air, our Maldivian hospitality shines through from the moment you board our planes to the moment you leave.

We are the newest and best domestic airline to serve the Maldives, and the first airline to offer you a premium service. That's a statement we intend to make across the world - and become your preferred option.

Our reliability is second to none and, with many decades of hospitality, we know that being on time is essential. We treat every passenger as its VIP. Guaranteed.

With the concept of a pre-published schedule available for a period six months and also the option to book flights online, Manta Air wishes to make it more convenient for customers who prefer to fly with them, making sure your travel is painless and effortless.

Our seats are customised to provide the best comfort with additional legroom in both comfort and sapphire class. So you can be assured that the tropical way to fly will always be in comfort and luxury.

Our ambition is to provide a unique flying experience which is seamless, reliable and hospitable, while providing an amazing experience in the skies

So sit back, sample paradise and enjoy the journey - with Manta Air.

As a passenger, you can be guaranteed that:

  • Our ethos will always be, safe, reliable comfortable and seamless journeys.
  • Our approach will always be warm, helpful and friendly.
  • Our values are always one of constant improvement and empathy for the passenger.

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